Ethocide:  A new term coined by Ergun Kirlikovali, a Turkish-American student of history, on May 7, 2003, as a much needed companion term and an antonym for the term "genocide" created by Lemkin in 1943 (Turkish counterpart also coined:  "AHLAKKIRIM")
"Systematic extermination of ethics via malicious and deliberate mass deception for political, personal, economic, social, moral, religious, ethnic, national, regional, and other gain." 
Ethocide is a crime of conscience, committed by biased and bigoted individuals who subscribe to racist and dishonest interpretation of history and are intolerant of dissent.  Called "ethociders", such people will openly resort to censorship of dissenting views and intimidation of dissenters. 
Some ethociders are known to even resort to international terrorism.  Ethociders often deceive people with photos like this one which they claim belonged to the Armenian dead in 1915, whereas it is proven to be a painting by the Russian artist Verascahgin that was created in 1877.
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