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You've been duped by the Armenian lobby and their supporters: Western diplomats, missionaries, soldiers, and others.  The Ottoman-Armenians took up arms against their own government decades before the 1915 Tereset (Temporary Resettlement.)  Above is the notorious Turk-killer "Vazgen's group" pictured in 1896... Yes, many years before 1915!  Revealing, isn't it?   This is the kind of public deception with which the scholarship of Ethocide concerns itself.  Ethocide exposes all bogus genocides, Armenian included.  Next time an Armenian screams genocide in your face, while pounding his shoe on your kitchen table, kindly ask him/her about the six T's of the Turkish-Armenian conflict...  Ask him/her to come clean now...
Do these people look like "poor, starving Armenians" to you?