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In silent memory of more than half a million Ottoman Muslims, mostly Turks, who were murdered by Armenian revolutionaries, militias, and  gangs in Eastern Anatolia and Cilicia, wearing Russian and French uniforms or no uniform, between 1914-1921 and in Western Anatolia, while employed in the Greek invasion armies between 1919 and 1922. 

For nearly a century, the dignified silence of the Turkish nation was deliberately misrepresented to unsuspecting masses by the Armenian falsifiers and their Turk-hating accomplices as admission of guilt.  Whereas the Turks were motivated by hope, peace,  and feelings of forgive and forget.  Turks did not want to cultivate hatreds of the past at a time of nation-building after a period of endless wars and Turkish suffering.  The Armenian falsifiers did not seem to expect the truth to catch up with them one day
Turkish, men, women, and children murdered by Armenians...
Who will speak for these victims?